Surveying Services

Geoterra offers a fully integrated survey solution for land, engineering and architectural projects, above ground and below surface.

Geoterra specialise in providing land surveying and geospatial engineering services to both public and private sector clients.

These services are delivered in collaboration with our trusted network of survey companies to carry out the field work and produce the deliverables. Together, we are able to provide a responsive service at competitive prices, no matter where the location or the size of the project.

Geoterra is a multi-disciplinary land surveying and geospatial engineering consultancy. The services we offer are fully project managed by our Managing Director Mark Hudson to deliver a complete one-stop-solution for all your surveying requirements.

Geoterra provides the following surveying services:



Contact us to discuss your surveying requirements or to request a quotation +44 (0)1606 659019