Subsurface Multibeam Sonar Surveys

Geoterra can provide you with accurate survey data to determine the size, depth, shape, and location of subsurface voids, cavities, and shafts.


We have the experience and expertise to carry out down borehole surveys of both submerged cavities and dry cavities.

Our submerged cavities surveys are undertaken using the Flodim multibeam sonar.

We also carry out sonar surveys of submerged structures in rivers, docks, and canals using the Blueview Teledyne BV5000 system.

From the survey data, we can provide you with a range of deliverables including 2D and 3D geo-references CAD, 3D point clouds, 3D models and 3D flythrough videos.

Applications for subsurface multibeam sonar surveys include:


  • Submerged cavities
  • Mapping of brine voids
  • Mapping of onshore gas chambers
  • Mapping of flooded abandoned mine workings
  • Mapping of flooded karsts
  • Mapping of submerged shafts
  • Mapping of underwater bridges, locks, and docks
  • Mapping of submerged culverts

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