Waverley Train Station Arch Voids & Culvert
Waverley Railway Station, Edinburgh

A subsurface laser scan survey of hidden culverts and voids beneath Waverley Railway Station in Edinburgh for the Aspin Group and Story Contracting.

The Brief

Geoterra was appointed by the Aspin Group and Story Contracting to carry out a 3D subsurface laser scan survey of buried culverts beneath the proposed rail line extension at Waverley Railway Station in Edinburgh.

The survey data was required by the client to assess the location, size, and orientation of the culverts beneath the site and trace them to known points within the station, such as manholes or outlets.

The Solution

Access to the culverts was provided by 100mm holes drilled vertically down from the surface by the Aspin Group. Geoterra’s experienced team of geospatial engineers utilised a specialist C-ALS laser scanner to carry out the 3D subsurface laser scan survey, together with video of the culvert in five locations. Unintentionally, an old backfilled railway arch was also located which over time had consolidated, leaving a void beneath the surface of the new track-bed. The surveys were all geo-referenced to local and OSTN 15 National Grid.

The Deliverables

Geoterra provided the Aspin Group and Story Contracting with a combined geo-referenced 3D laser scan point cloud of the culverts beneath the site for viewing in Cloud Compare. The point cloud combined all five laser scans to show the route, the culvert, and the branch. An accurate volume calculation of the historic arch void was also provided to enable the Aspin Group to fill the void completely before any further work was undertaken. Videos were also provided at each borehole location to enable the client to assess the condition of the culvert.

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