Rail - Projects

3D Laser Scan Survey of Sandstone Rockface Adjacent to Railway Line

Geoterra was appointed by Murphy Group and Coffey Geotechnics to conduct an extensive 3D laser scan survey of a sandstone rock face and surrounding area. The survey area spanned approximately 100 meters along the primary railway line from Manchester to... Read more

Aerial photogrammetry survey of 21 underground drainage adits

Folkestone Warren is an area of land prone to landslides. In December 1915, a severe landslip at Folkestone Warren, known as The Great Fall, resulted in train derailments and continued rail movement on the Dover to London South Eastern... Read more

Sonar survey of a water-filled coal mine roadway beneath railway station

A new railway station was due to be constructed in Willenhall, Staffordshire on the Wolverhampton to Walsall mainline.

Historic mine plans indicated that a coal mine roadway was situated directly beneath where the proposed new railway station was to be built.... Read more

UAV LiDAR Survey of a Railway Cutting on the Chiltern Rail Line

Geoterra was appointed by Coffey Geotechnics, The Murphy Group and Network Rail to complete a UAV aerial survey of a railway cutting on the Chiltern line in Harbury, Warwickshire. They required both low level LiDAR survey and a HD ortho... Read more

Drainage Culvert Survey Beneath East Coast Main Line

Geoterra was appointed by AMCO Giffen and Network Rail to carry out a 3D topographical laser scan survey of the surface, and a subsurface laser scan and remote UAV photogrammetry survey of a brick-built drainage culvert. This culvert had been... Read more

Kidsgrove Train Station Void Survey

Survey of Submerged Void Beneath Train Station Platform

Geoterra was appointed by Arcadis, Galliford Try and Network Rail to carry out a subsurface multibeam sonar scan survey of a submerged void discovered beneath Platform 4 at Kidsgrove Station in Staffordshire. A surface laser scan would also be carried... Read more