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Sonar survey of a water-filled coal mine roadway beneath railway station

A new railway station was due to be constructed in Willenhall, Staffordshire on the Wolverhampton to Walsall mainline.

Historic mine plans indicated that a coal mine roadway was situated directly beneath where the proposed new railway station was to be built.... Read more

Subsurface Laser Scan Survey of Historic Lead Mine Shaft

Geoinvestigate appointed Geoterra to carry out a 3D subsurface laser scan and HD video survey of a historic lead mine shaft. The mine potentially dated back to the 1700s when the Talargoch mine was extracting lead ore. The lead mine... Read more

Historic Coal Mine Subsurface Laser Scan Survey

Geoterra was appointed by The Coal Authority to determine the location, size and orientation of an historical coal mine void that had been discovered beneath a main road and its adjacent properties. 

The coal mine had been discovered... Read more

Landfill UAV LiDAR Survey Northwich

Aerial LiDAR and Photogrammetry Survey of Witton Landfill

Geoterra was appointed by Coopers and Cheshire West & Cheshire Council to carry out a UAV survey using photogrammetry and low-level LiDAR techniques on a former refuse and landfill site adjacent to the River Weaver in Carey Park, Northwich.

The survey... Read more

Lang Loan Limestone Voids

Geoterra was appointed by Van Elle Ground Engineers to carry out a 3D subsurface laser scan survey of a historic limestone mine discovered beneath a construction site earmarked for new homes in Straiton, Edinburgh.

The survey data was required to assess... Read more

Caeau Shaft and Milwr Tunnel

Geoterra was appointed by Wardell Armstrong to carry out a 3D subsurface laser scan survey of the Milwr Tunnel at a disused lead mine. A 3D laser scan survey of the surface was also required of the locale around the... Read more

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